July 24, 2016


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URBAN YOUTH MEETING / Youth taking actions toward a people centered urban future

Globally, children and youth represent the majority of rural-urban migrants but often also make up the majority of population in rapidly urbanizing countries.  Young people are at the forefront of the world on the move. Yet many youths in cities today live in informal settlements, experiencing poverty and poor jobs prospect, or without sanitation, clean water, or affordable transport. So, the next generation has high stakes in seeing paradigm shift towards sustainable and inclusive urban development in the next 20 years.  

The preparatory processes for Habitat III have been gathering views from urban stakeholders – including urban youth – at regional, national, thematic, and local and grassroots levels so far. We believe that continuation of active participation by urban youth can add value in important ways to the overall success of the global debates on our common urban future, and in making sure that it comes true. This will be realized if youth from all around the world are engaged with each other and with global leaders in substantive exchanges about good urban policies and solutions.

The third and last Preparatory Committee (PrepCom3) for Habitat III is the ideal moment to bring together the priorities and potentials that the future urban generation shares. This Urban Youth Meeting at PrepCom 3 Habitat III will help consolidate global urban youth perspectives towards the New Urban Agenda through a full-day programme of intensive and participatory consultation. We aim to achieve clear messages supported by wide audience.  At the same time, this is a step towards beyond Quito, and a moment to inspire each other about taking actions on the ground, where future leaders are already making a difference in their cities and communities.

Through the course of 2 plenary sessions, 8 thematic parallel sessions and much working & networking time in between, the Meeting is designed to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Deepening common knowledge and perspectives on urgent challenges and policy priorities affecting urban youth, by young women and men themselves (e.g. migration, inequality and informal economy, extremism and diversity in the city, etc.)
  • Sharing of best practices of youth-led urban actions – initiatives and solutions – for people centered city development;
  • Assessing the Habitat III national, regional and thematic urban youth consultations that have happened so far around the globe;
  • Encouraging urban youth’s representation and sense of ownership in Habitat III process by offering inclusive platform, with open access, where especially all youth-led organizations previously engaged in any earlier consultations are welcome to join; and
  • Mapping out and raising awareness about urban youth’s road to Habitat III main conference in Quito, and beyond.

To maximize substantive engagement of the participating youth and experts while creating a buzz and impact beyond the venue’s walls, the sessions will be run in the following ways:

  • Plenary sessions will be livestreamed from Surabaya, as the main city, to multiple cities nationally, internationally and via Youtube, with twitter feedback for Q&A [technical details will be updated];
  • Thematic parallel sessions will dedicate most of time to focus group discussions (FGD’s) by the participating youth;
  • Throughout the Meeting, dialogue will be the guiding principle, where tomorrow’s leader will meet and mingle with today’s leader, the local with the global, and the different urban sectors with each other (multi-stakeholder); and
  • Linkages to PrepCom3 main proceedings and further to Quito will be a shared responsibility for all participating youth, experts and supporting organizations.

After completing the above activities, the Meeting is expected to have the following outcomes by the end of the day:

  • A consolidated consensus of urban youth priorities and messages towards the New Urban Agenda as inputs to PrepCom3 sice event(s) and proceedings;
  • A cohort of youth leaders from around Indonesia and the globe who are committed to be positive change agent in sustainable, people centered development of their cities and communities; and
  • Renewed and higher than ever interests and momentum from urban youth towards Habitat III, from Surabaya to Quito, and beyond.

Urban Youth Meeting LIVE from Surabaya / Join the Conversation

Coming to you LIVE from Surabaya on 24 July 2016, 08.00 AM GMT+7 through Indonesia Youth Meetings Movement Youtube channel!

Join the conversation! Ask your questions now to our panels of experts and youth leaders by following @YouthMeetingsHQ and tweet your questions using #UrbanYouth.

Schedule / What's happening?


Venue: University of 17 Agustus (UNTAG) & ADB Offices

Opening Ceremony

  Opening Ceremony Venue: University of 17 Agustus (UNTAG), Surabaya Jl. Semolowaru No.45, Menur Pumpungan, Sukolilo, Surabaya, East Java Live-streamed to all cities

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